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Pet Wellness Care in Andover

Preventative Care for Pets in and Around Andover

In order to ensure the long-term health and happiness of your pet, it’s very important that you routinely bring them in for comprehensive exams at our veterinary hospital. River Road Veterinary Hospital is proud to provide care to pets in Andover, Lawrence and Methuen. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends all dogs and cats have a wellness exam at least annually, if not every six months. River Road Veterinary Hospital has you covered. We offer thorough wellness care that will check your furry loved one from ears to tail.

The best medicine is preventative medicine. During these visits, we’ll discuss your pet’s current health, any problems he or she may be experiencing, and then conduct our examination, which includes:

  • Respiratory exams
  • Oral exams
  • Cardiovascular exams
  • Musculoskeletal exams
  • Abdominal exams
  • Coat and skin exams

To learn more or to schedule your pet’s wellness exam in Andover, reach out to us today at (978) 306-4144.

The Benefits of Routine Care

Many of the illnesses and problems your pet deals with later in life can often be detected early on. Pets age much faster than their human parents. In fact, they age almost seven times quicker. That’s why it’s very important they are seen on a regular basis, as illness and disease can affect them early on in their lives. Additionally, with routine visits, our Andover veterinarians can get to know your pet, which will make it easier to care for them with each successive visit.

The Importance of Vaccines

Another crucial element of thorough wellness care is vaccination. During your wellness exam, we’ll discuss with you the importance of vaccinating your pet and will make sure he or she is up-to-date. If they are due for any shots, we’ll be able to provide them. Not all pets need every available vaccine, so we’ll determine which ones are necessary depending on a variety of factors, including age, current health, and access to the outdoors.

How Can I Prepare for My Pet's Wellness Visit?

Make a list of any concerns or changes in your pet's behavior, gather their medical history, and bring any medications or supplements they are taking. This information may be useful during your appointment. Contact us to schedule your pet's wellness exam in Andover today.

Don’t underestimate the importance of wellness care! Reach out to us today to schedule an exam with our highly-skilled pet wellness veterinarians. We provide care to pets in Andover, Lawrence, and Methuen.

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