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Unique, Durable Toys and Healthy Diets and Treats

All pets are individuals and have different needs and preferences. There are dogs that need tough durable toys and others that want toys that appeal to their curious side. There are families with small children that a loud squeaky toy is not practical so we have toys with "silent squeakers," meaning only dogs can hear them. Healthy treats that are locally sourced and made using healthy ingredients are available for both cats and dogs. We have cat-specific toys, such as automatic laser toys, to keep our feline friends occupied for hours.

Our boutique offers:

  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Beds
  • Clothing
  • Healthcare products
  • Healthy food

Gustopher's is born of a simple concept: We LOVE our pets!

Stop by our store today and check us out! Want to see if we have something specific? Give our Andover veterinary hospital a call at (978) 306-4144.

Treat Bar - Rewards for Best Friends

Come visit our treat bar, which has the nostalgic feel of the penny candy stores we had growing up, only cat and dog style. Our treat bar offers a variety of treats made in South Boston using locally sourced ingredients, with many being available in bulk while others are prepackaged. Offering the option to purchase in bulk not only saves money but allows you to purchase as many or few as you want. The best healthy treats for the best healthy dogs and cats.

Toys & More

Pet lovers will find more than just run-of-the-mill tug and chase playthings. Unique, environmentally friendly, and safe toys for both cats and dogs are sure to result in wagging tails and gentle purrs. Being in the veterinary field, we know that not only do our canine and feline friends need to be physically stimulated, but also mentally enriched. We have an amazing selection of interactive toys available to entertain even the most mischievous puppy and also those pets that suffer from separation anxiety.

Some toys are guaranteed to be chew-proof or extra-tough while still appropriate for teeth. Remember, if a chew toy lasts forever, it is probably resulting in your pet's teeth being worn down, because either the toy or your pet's teeth need to give. The goal of a chew toy is to fulfill your dog's natural desire to chew, massage the gums, improve dental health, and simply entertain your pet.

Speaking of teeth, we have a comprehensive selection of VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) approved dental products, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental chews, and dental diets. We also have a nice selection of urban coats, jackets and fleece jackets by Tanner and Dash, bandannas by Ruffian Dog Beds, and a wide selection of collars and leashes from Lupine® and designs by Walk-e-Woo®.

If your pet needs a cuddly place to take a nap at home or while traveling, we have the pet bed for you. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these beds are washable and lightweight and perfect for both cats and dogs.

We Are What We Eat

Good nutrition is the first step to being healthy. Here at River Road Veterinary Hospital, we make it a priority to have pet foods that are scientifically proven to be healthy. Since we are a veterinary hospital, we feel an additional responsibility to recommend only diets that are monitored and studied by veterinary nutritionists. These range from grain-free diets to prescription diets (diets made for specific medical conditions). We believe that the foods that we feed our pets should be proven to be healthy by feeding trials and peer-reviewed studies. We are careful not to confuse passionate discussion with proven information.

Many times, people will draw conclusions about pet diets by reading the information on the bag or by discussing with representatives of the food company. The same restrictions do not apply to pet food labels as for human food labels, therefore, individuals who are educated in veterinary nutrition, namely veterinary nutritionists, are our best source of information. Many pet food companies have veterinary nutritionists on staff. When you call you should be able to speak with them and ask any questions you may have.

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