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Dr. Richards' journey in veterinary medicine began early in life. Hailing from Wayland, she initiated her veterinary exploration at the tender age of 15, engaging in shadowing experiences that set the stage for her future career. Her passion led her through various roles, including working at a kennel, contributing to a wildlife rehab hospital, and serving as a veterinary technician before realizing her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Dr. Zoe Richards went on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the prestigious University of Minnesota, graduating as a member of the Class of 2021.

Dr. Richards is a dedicated General Practice veterinarian with a remarkable flair for Dermatology, Dentistry, and Surgery. Her passion for these specialties is only rivaled by her background in caring for exotic pets. Beyond her profession, Dr. Richards is a loving pet owner herself. She shares her life with three charming male cats - Jasper (6), Sykes (2), and the youngest, Linus (7 months).

Dr. Richards has accumulated numerous cherished moments in her career, but one of her favorites is seeing pets with allergies transform after treatment. She fondly recalls a regular patient whose visits were dubbed "spa days," involving medicated baths, ear cleanings, and pampered paw treatments. Another heartwarming experience involved a cat with resorptive lesions. Dr. Richards removed 16 teeth, and the owner was astounded by the remarkable change in her feline friend's appetite and quality of life.

Dr. Zoe Richards brings her boundless enthusiasm, dedication, and diverse expertise to the world of veterinary medicine. Her love for animals and her commitment to their well-being have shaped her into a compassionate and skilled practitioner who goes above and beyond to care for her patients and their loving owners.