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Amanda DiPrizio

Practice Manager
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With a career spanning nearly two decades in the field of veterinary medicine, Amanda brings a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication to our practice.

Amanda embarked on their veterinary journey in 2003, starting as a kennel assistant at a small general practice in Malden, MA. She then continued to expand their expertise by working at a veterinary emergency clinic and another general practice during their college years in Maine. Then in 2012, Amanda returned to Massachusetts, where they took on the role of Veterinary Technician, specializing in emergency and critical care. Her dedication and skills were recognized, leading to a supervisory role in the Diagnostic Imaging department in 2015.

One of Amanda's most cherished professional memories is the opportunity to work with animals from the local museum, aquarium, and zoos that required veterinary care. This unique and rewarding experience reflects her commitment to providing care and support to a wide variety of creatures. So, while Amanda’s career has afforded her many experiences, she has always returned to veterinary care, now focusing on leading our team.

Beyond her professional life, Amanda shares their home with a dynamic duo of canine companions - a 3-year-old black lab named Ulla and an equally youthful tripod Great Pyrenees named Darby. At home, she enjoys the company of her husband, Paul, and their two young boys, Lucas, and Joshua. They bring laughter and light into their lives, with a shared love for puns and dad jokes. In their free time, Amanda enjoys a range of hobbies, including golfing, hiking, and crafting, showcasing a well-rounded personality that complements their dedication to the world of veterinary medicine. Rich in experience and a deep-rooted passion for animal care, Amanda is a valuable addition to our team at River Road, and we're proud to have her on board.